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Glee: The 3d Concert Movie

2D to 3D stereoscopic enhancements

The Darkest Hour

  • Alien Landing Effects

  • 2D to 3D Stereoscopic Conversion

  • Set Extensions

  • Background Replacements

  • Water Simulation and Effects

  • Digital Compositing

  • Color correction and timing

  • The Green Hornet

    2D to 3D stereoscopic conversion


    Haeundae is South Korea's first disaster film and also its largest budgeted film to date. It is on track to attract a record number of viewers, reaching 1 million viewers only four days after its July 23, 2009 release.  At its current pace, Haeundae is expected to break the 10 million viewer mark shortly, a attendance reached by only 4 Korean domestic movies to date.

    Haeundae centers on a massive tsunami that eradicates South Korea's most famous beach and tourist resort.  Polygon's work included a blend of live action and computer graphics production done both locally and in South Korea.

    Working closely with the director, Polygon helped shape the design of the complex water scenes to achieve a dramatic, high budget look and feel.  To that end, Polygon developed a proprietary omputer graphics water pipeline capable of creating any type of water surface -- stormy ocean, rivers, tsunamis, breaking waves… whatever was required.

    Polygon set up an extended special effects shoot on its backlot in San Rafael, constructing a 60-foot diameter water tank complete with two 15,000 gallon dump tanks and wave makers. In addition, Polygon also shot full-scale and miniature pyro to complement the work.


  • Rotoscoping
  • Digital Compositing
  • Chaw

    Chaw is an action adventure/thriller about a small village in South Korea that is terrorized by a massive, man-eating wild boar. “Chaw” became an overnight sensation, opening at #2 at the Korean box office and hitting the 1 million viewer mark within 7 days of release.

    Polygon’s work included the creation of an animatronic boar as well as a matching, fully rigged CG boar complete with realistic fur and interior muscle simulation.

    For this ambitious project, Polygon worked with the director to plan and execute complex stunt and CG action scenes involving the killer boar and live action. Polygon’s production transitioned across the globe from Korea to the woods of Marin and Sonoma Counties.

    Halo Reach: Commercial Trailer

    Polygon created a 1-minute trailer for the much-anticipated international launch of Halo IV: Reach for Xbox.   It was voted 2009s  “Best Non-Playable Presentation" at E3 Expo (IGN.com).

    O Apostolo: Currently In Production

    Currently in production working on O Apostolo

    Polygon Entertainment