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Entertainers can turn otherwise boring events into occasions that guests look back on with fondness and joy. However, finding the right entertainer can be a difficult task. Not all entertainers are suitable for all events, but when you find the right one, they are sure to make your special occasion extra special. Take a look at our posts to help you decide which type of entertainer you need for your event. You can find advice on checking the credentials of an entertainer and information about pricing strategies that can help you to make a decision that is both financially sound and fun.




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How to Find an Entertainer For Any Event

Two Tips to Follow if Your Corporate Event Will Include a Virtual Magic Show

by Sarah Morgan

If the corporate event you're organising will include a corporate virtual magic show, here are some tips to follow.

Use a very large, high-quality monitor and excellent speakers

When the entertainment you're offering at a corporate event is virtual, you must ensure the technology you use for the show is the best you can find. For example, for this magic show, you should use a large, high-quality monitor that has excellent speakers. This will ensure that every attendee will be able to see the smallest details on the screen and hear every word the magician says, even if the room in which the event is happening is very big and they are sitting in seats farthest away from the speakers.

This is important as, for example, magicians often use a variety of small props when doing their tricks; these might include coins, decks of cards, hats and other items. If the attendees of this corporate event cannot see the card the magician is holding up during a trick or have to squint to get a closer look when the magician is doing sleight-of-hand tricks with small coins, they won't be able to appreciate and feel the wonder that usually comes with watching these impressive acts. Likewise, if they cannot hear everything the magician is saying, then they might be unable to follow a trick and won't experience the amazement that they're supposed to feel when the magician reaches the finale of that trick. As such, it's vital to ensure you have the highest-quality speakers and monitors your event budget will allow you to rent or buy.

Ensure the 'stage' area is well-lit and free of obstacles

Whilst for a virtual magic show, there technically won't be a 'stage', you should ensure that the area directly in front of the monitor on which the show will be performed is well-lit and free of obstacles. The reason for this is that, during a live virtual magic show, magicians will often invite audience members to come up and help them to perform their tricks, and in these instances, the area in front of the screen will serve as a stage of sorts.

As such, it's important that the area near the monitor has enough space for these individuals to sit or stand and that it's well-lit so that the other audience members can see what the participant is doing. This will ensure that the tricks that involve audience participation go off without a hitch and are well-received by everyone.

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